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Journey to the Streets of Edinburgh

Through my childhood and into my early adulthood the only transport links between my home in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh was road and in particular the A7.  Many a day of my childhood was spent in the backseat of the twisty road which snaked and twisted its way along the slopes of the various hills following the Gala Water on the valley floor below.  Leaving Galashiels, the journey was immediately established on what seemed to be a never ending right hand bend and usually stuck behind the number 95 bus or a slow moving lorry.  Following the topography of the hills and valleys, there was limited overtaking opportunities and those that did exist were not for the faint hearted. 


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Lisbon Black and White Streets: 2016 Travelogue Pt 2

Part 1 of the travelogue covered colour and I described LIsbon as a colour city.  Despite this tag, I love the timeless quality of black and white images particularly for street photography and hence black and white will always feature heavily even if I'm shooting colour.  Constraints and limitations help build your creativity and perfect your skills but I love the flexibility that digital photography offers.  In film, you are restricted to shooting either black or white or colour until you switch out on the film. With digital, I can shoot in colour and decide later whether to keep it in colour or convert to black and white or have a version with both.  With today's camera we can even shoot in colour while previewing the shot in black and white on the back of the camera which can help with visualising the shot.  Below are a selection of my favourite black and white street photographs from Lisbon, Portugal.


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Lisbon in Colour: 2016 Travelogue Part 1

When I visited Lisbon last year little did I know I would return to the city in under a year.  When my wife announced she had a business trip to Lisbon, I had the choice of spending a few days in dreary Ireland looking after our toddler Isabella or Isabella and I packing our bags and hanging out in Lisbon. No choice really so we found an AirBnB apartment and off we went.

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London: Travelogue Part 1

In late November, my family and I travelled to London for a weekend break.  My wife and I have both been to London before so the pressure was off in terms of seeing the tourist sites leaving us free to roam the streets and markets of London.  We were based in Southwark on the south side of the river and a short walk from Borough Market and Tate Modern.  Below is a gallery of my favourite travel shots for the weekend.  Part 2 will feature my street photography from London. 

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