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Crocus Flower

Following on from the pleasing results of my macro flower experimentation a few weeks back, I decided to head out into the garden to capture the emerging crocuses bringing the first burst of colour to the garden. The difficulty in shooting in the garden is isolating the flower from the background which can tend to be messy with fences and other plants.  To get this shot I had to mount the central column of my tripod upside down to enable the camera to sit a inch or so off the grass to get down level with the flower.  This meant the camera was actually upside down and the first task in post was to rotate the image back through 180 degrees. 

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Autumn is well and truly upon us now.  

Last weekend I visited our photography's club (South Kildare Photography Club) new exhibition whichwas being held in the Newbridge Credit Union to coincide with a local festival celebrating the  200th birthday of the town.  It was fantastic to the great work from the members of the club in print.  It is credit to the members that we have such a variety of talented photographers in the club and the print quality of the photos was brilliant.  Thanks especially to the members who organised the event and spent a number of days erecting the images in the Credit Union.  A big thanks also to Newbridge Credit Union for hosting the event

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Food Photography Workshop by Scott Heimendinger, Edible: The Taste of Things to Come, Dublin Science Gallery

This is not a food blog, but like my passion for photography, I also have a deep love of food.  I blog about photography, my wife blogs about food, we enjoy our love of food together and have had the pleasure of sharing many a beautiful meal at restaurants across the world.

Adrienne, through her social media food blogging friends, learned of a new exhibition called Edible: The Taste of Things to Come running at the Science Gallery, Dublin.   The event which caught Adrienne‚Äôs eye and thought would be perfect for me was a Food Photography Workshop run by Seattle Food Geek AKA Scott Heimendinger.

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