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White Rock Beach, Dublin, Ireland

Growing up in Scotland, the end of the year and the beginning of the next was a special occasion.   Entering my formative years and progressing into adulthood, Hogmanay, turned into a bigger party every year starting out at the gathering around the town clock and fountain in Galashiels to later celebrating with the masses on the streets of Edinburgh.  The New Year's day was bleary eyed but the celebrations  often restarted with house parties as the modern version of first footing.  Since moving to Ireland, I have celebrated the passing of the old and the start of the New Year in my own way.  Alone on the beach eagerly watching and awaiting the sun to reach the horizon. 

A blanket of cloud veiled the first sun of the New Year, but the beach at White Rock, Killiney, Dublin, Ireland still offered opportunities despite the cloudy start.  Climbing back up the hill as I headed back to the car, I turned around to see a weather front moving in off the sea.  The scene all came together with the curve of the foreshore , railway line, the faint outline of the sugarloaf with an ominous sky moving in above.