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View from the Peak, Hong Kong

I'm still working my way through my photos from Hong Kong and have just finished processing some of my photos from The Peak.

I was quite excited about how this photo turned out and couldn't wait to share it with you - hopefully my full travel blog about Hong Kong will be finished over the weekend.

The panorama is my take on the famous view form The Peak, Hong Kong looking down to Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour and over to Kowloon.

Just about all our trip to Hong Kong was hazy was poor visibility over long distances, but we ventured up to The Peak anyway and was lucky to capture the incoming rain shower coming down the harbour from the east.

The panaroma was shot hand held with the 16 RAW images converted to TIFFs in Lightroom before stitching and blending with PT Gui Pro.

The conversion to black and white in Topaz Labs Black and White Effects.

Hope you like!!

Speak to you soon,