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Under the DART

The Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) cuts a path through the south side of Dublin city centre, crossing above part of Trinity College before heading for the coast.  The elevated line drops students at Pearse Station where they continue their journey to class on foot back underneath the line. The strong midday sun found the gap between the nearby buildings and elevated line to allow a shard of light to illuminate one such student. I like the architecture of the southside of Dublin,  particularly in and around Trinity College.  A lot of buildings thankfully remain from the Georgian period with their ornate doors, sash windows and brick exterior which combine to give strong lines and patterns.  The human element adds scale and life to the picture bringing the building into the 21st century and giving it purpose in modern life.  Alongside these buildings, the modern buildings of glass, steel and concrete contrast against their older companions but whose surfaces sometime catch the reflection of the old, not letting us forget who was there first.