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The Silence of Static

The silence of static, white noise of emptiness...

A year of transformation, growth and constant activity. 

When Isabella arrived into our lives three years ago, life as we knew it inevitably changed forever.  Time was a premium and evolved around the family unit.  Two years later we had adapted and started to find a balance in our new world.  That balance was eternally shifted when our twins, Faye and Eilidh, exponentially grew our family in January 2017.

We entered this new stage without trepidation but with an understanding that managing twin babies and a toddler would be challenging, time consuming, tiring and joyful.  With expectations in check, we still were not prepared for the reality of the situation.  The simplest of tasks of daily life and parenting, became laborious and logistically challenging.  Never had a free hand became such a premium.  With one baby, your adapt to living.  Eating dinner with one hand while holding a baby in the other.  With a baby in each hand, the simplest of routine tasks that are taken for granted have to be re-learned. Eating, door handles, light switches. Ever tried winding two babies at once?  We had to invent a new technique for that.  Rock two babies to sleep at the same time? Still not mastered that.  No sooner had one baby being sorted with whatever was troubling her, then inevitably you had to move straight onto the next one.  Life was a constant from day break to dawn and though the night. Life was surviving one day at a time. 

The grind was of course also filled with all the great parts of being a new parent - doubled of course with twins. Watching the two grow their own personalities and idiosyncrasies helped relive the daily chores. Even their cries are unique and can be differentiated.  Each milestone, smile and laugh made us forget the constant tiresome hours and bound our family together.

I even managed to find some time to take some photos along the way.