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The Titanic Experience


You're gonna need a bigger boat." Police Chief Martin Brody, Jaws

The Titanic Quarter in Belfast, Northern Ireland is a huge modern waterfront urban regeneration project centred around the site where RMS Titanic was designed and built.  Not surprisingly, the regeneration programme included the construction of Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest Titanic visitor attraction, which is located at the head of the slipway where Titanic was constructed and launched.  The building itself looks certain to become an icon of Belfast and modern architecture. The building design reflects the maritime theme with four huge plated hull shaped structures dominating the form of the building around a central atrium.  The hulls of the building are clad in reflective aluminum emphasising the  waves and ice of the ships demise.

The attraction is split into 10 exhibitions chartering the progress of the ship from a starting point of life in early Belfast, to the ship yard and construction and ultimately the sinking and exploring of the wreck.  The attraction is nearly all visual displays; a lot of which are interactive with one short ride explaining the construction of the ship.  This left me feeling like I was moving from TV screen to watch different films and I would have liked more physical models, reconstructions or similar artefacts from the period or sister ships. Nevertheless, the experience was enjoyable but I can't see the need for any future visits.  The building was definitely the highlight of the trip but that is probably the Engineer in me.