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Sunrise and a Cheeky Mooning at the 40ft

The Forty Foot is a popular swimming spot located on the southern point of Dublin Bay, Sandycove, Dublin, Ireland.  This bather, one of many in Dublin, was men-only for the majority of its existence but since the 70's has been enjoyed by men, women and children alike and is a still a popular place today for swimming.

I arrived early to find another photographer in situ but we managed to work around each other with out getting in each others way.  I settled on a composition and began shooting my long-exposures.  The above photo is a combination on two exposures - one for the sky and another for the foreground which I manually combined using a mask in Elements.

Thankfully my 10 stop filter did a great job blurring the water as after starting my exposure, I turned around to be a greeted by an elderly gentleman naked as the day he was born ready for his morning swim in the Irish Sea. He proceeded to walk into my frame, down the steps and into the water for a quick dip pausing only briefly on the way down the steps to put on a swimming cap on his bald head (the only piece of swim wear on his entire body)!  The long exposure spared your eyes but I have a unwelcome image ingrained into my head!