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Summer in the City, Streets of Dublin

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
— Lovin Spoonful

From the streets of Lisbon back to the streets of Dublin. This set of images is from last summer and was first trip out on the streets of Dublin for a little while. I was keen to keep the street photography momentum going from the work abroad and develop a few of the street photography themes that I had in my head.

One of the projects is I'm working on is called Men at Work which was derived from the infamous British triangular road sign warning of roadworks ahead. The project is a non-gender specific look at the lighthearted side of our working lives and their interactions with the street and society.  I would love to get a candid rendition of that sign; a man bent over shovelling from a material stockpile, but given the mechanisation of modern society, my chances are slim. Still, I keep my hopes up and try not let it dominate my vision for the project.

The photo at the top was very much opportunistic, but gives an idea about the types of shot I want for the project.  Stuck in traffic, this bus pulled up alongside me and immediately caught my eye.  The driver's tan is a colloquialism for sun tan obtained on arm only due that arm being exposed to the sun from hanging it out the window while driving. A traditionally male dominated industry, I didn't expect to find at the end of the arm of the bus driver, a set of long manicured hot pink nails soaking up the summer sun.  

The rest of my favourites are shown below.