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Summer in the City

Those summer days are so long gone that they soon be back upon us.  A cloudless Friday afternoon set the scene for a  summertime exploration along the 1km Sandymount strand in Dublin.  Dublin is not thought of as a beach city in the same way that Barcelona, Los Angeles or Rio de Janeiro. Lack of sun, temperature and strips of golden sand and bodies may be the explanation yet, the Coastline within Dublin contains a number of bays, sandy beaches, rocky outcrops and smaller harbours providing a places to escape to on that rare hot irish summer day.

The Copacabana may be overlooked by Christ the Redeemer, but Sandmount Strand has its own icon watching over. Admittedly more industrial and not nearly as impressive, the stripped chimneys of the retired Poolbeg power station may lack the grandeur of the Redemeer, yet welcome many a Dubliner home whether arriving by boat or aeroplane.  The comparisons don't stop there.  The strand may not be Venice Beach Venice, yet the strand hosts its own modest selection of outdoor gym gear for workout fanatic.  Ok so the comparisons are a little  tongue in cheek...


Sometimes it is good to get off the streets for your street photography and head somewhere different.