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Shadow Play

From the rain to the sun.  Living in Ireland, we are used to the overcast and rainy days such as the previous post. Thus when the clouds part and the sun briefly warms our island, it is time to head out in search of shadows.  This is particularly true in the winter months where our northerly position generates a low angle of the sun in the sky, exaggerating scale, textures and creating long raking shadows. As with silhouettes, shadows are at their best when their shape is clearly definable.  Their lack of detail giving a sense of mystery and intrigue yet understandable in the context of their surroundings.  The cities of world allow for both with large buildings and whole streets creating shade for character portraits but also leaving shafts of light in which the shadows can play.  This trip to Dublin had periods of both, partially overcast at times and then periods of that glorious winter sun.  You adapt and shoot to whatever the world throws at you.