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The plan was to head out to shoot a local skate park in Dublin, but after some heavy rain showers earlier in the morning I arrived to find it empty with no skaters.  Undeterred, I continued to walk around the park only to be surprised to find a few pétanque games in action. Not something you come across in Dublin everyday.   Clearly the boules players were a  lot more hardier than the local skaters!  As part of street photography assignment this seemed appropriate given that this is one of the quintessential street games around the world in its various different localised rules and guises.  The games is normally played on flat areas of hard dirt or gravel so appears on many spare part of a street corner, squares and parks particularly in France.

I managed to grab a quick chat with the club secretary who explained there are four clubs in Ireland, three in the south and one in the north.  The games being played on that day was a competition of the north v the south.  I asked if it was ok to take some photos and they were happy to accommodate me.