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North Wall, Bull Island, Dublin

Sunrise time, check, sunrise position, check, tidal times, check, ferry times .......

Not on my normal check list for a dawn shoot, but shooting outside of the main port in Dublin, I probably should have checked.  The result, a very large ferry departed Dublin Port and cutting behind the beacon in the background just as the sun was hitting the horizon. Fortunately I was at longer focal length than I expected so I was able to compose the shot to avoid it.  On the plus side it created this nice little bow wave which stopped at the submerged breakwater leading all the way out to the beacon.  For the history behind the man made island and a location map, you can check out a posting from March 2013.


My timings were also slightly out for this shoot.  If you shoot near low tide, the breakwater can be quite wide in the frame and dominate the image.  Therefore, I chose to shoot at a time where high tide and sunrise coexisted, not realising that the breakwater is fully submerged at high tide.  I reckon an hour later would be about right and you would get the balance between the tide and the amount of exposed breakwater.  Halfway along the North Wall is the statue at of  Realt na Mara (Our Lady, Star of the Sea), which is the statue the sun is bursting out behind in the above photo.    I also created an abstract of the statue in the photo below, the harsh light from the now risen morning sun working in my favour to provide the high contrast in this image.  The image reminds of the moon with the texture of the concrete and then the harsh shadow forming the dark side of the 'moon'.  Continuing the space theme, the photo also reminds me of what it would be like to look up on a close encounters type UFO spaceship.