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The Magazine Fort, Phoenix Park, Dublin

I finished my trip to Collins Barracks in Dublin with a trip to the nearby Magazine Fort in the Phoenix Park continuing the military theme of the day. As with the Barracks, the fort which was originally constructed in 1735 and was used by the British army until Irish Independence when it was taken over by the Irish Army.  It now lies unused and abandoned in the Phoenix Park.

My trip to the fort was with the sole purpose of long exposure photography.  The sky was blue with a scattering on clouds propelled by an increasingly stong wind.  Good conditions for long exposures.  The first site I chose was the entrance gate.  The long exposure of the entrance was not great so I ended up using one of my original frames (below) I took when testing the exposure.  At this site the clouds were moving from left to right across the frame and is not as effective when they are moving back to front.  I moved around the side of the building to the imposing gun positions.  With the clouds now moving back to front in the photograph the long exposure is more effective.  The two minute exposure is shown in the feature image of the post at the top of the page.  Both images have split tones which I applied in Lightroom.