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Lough Tay and Luggala Mountain

As the Irish summer seems to falling way with the re-emergence of the rain in short but extreme intensities, last weekend provided the opportunity to return to to my nemesis location of Lough Tay.  I have photographed here a few times bit never seemed to get the killer light or composition I was looking for. To be honest, this location is probably best for sunrise when the warm morning light illuminates the craggy barren face of Luggala Mountain, but early mornings combined with erratic mountain weather can often lead to disappointment.  For this trip the main purpose of which was to get of the house, my wife and I decided to take a drive up into the Wicklow Mountains for sunset and of course I brought my camera along for the drive.  The sunset was by no mean spectacular with hardly a cloud in the sky, but nonetheless the light was generally good and I managed to capture the photo above.  The fantastic action photo of me below was taken by my wife who also give it her Instagram effect. You can read about her, her recipes and loads more at her blog