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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: May 2012


All images © Greig Houghton 2012.

"Never go back into an old love, no matter how strong it is, because its like reading a book over and over again when you already know how it ends...."  Anon

Nearly two years had past since our first visit to Kuala Lumpur, but we could not wait to get back even if it was for a mere 12 hours.  Our flight from Kota Kinabalu arrived in the early afternoon and with our connecting flight to Dublin (via Dubai) not leaving until 2am in the morning.  This allowed us an afternoon and evening to revisit some of our favourite places in the cities and re-establish our love with  KL.

Our first visit to KL (on our honeymoon) was directly after a few days in Bangkok, Thailand and the contrast between the two cities was immediately apparent.  KL is modern Asia.  Shiny modern architecture, the greenery of trees and vegetation and the old city which blends in the same way which the diverse ethnicity of the city mingles and evolves with compatibility with western customs.  Nowhere is this better reflected than in Malay food in particular Nonya cusine.

With that in mind, our first port of call was the Old China Cafe in Chinatown.  Stepping through the double wooden saloon doors and onto the creaky worn wood floor you arrive into a restaurant which appears to not changed since the 30's (and the better for it). Ever-gazing eyes stare down from old portraits and framed photographs adorning the walls perpetually reflected in a pair of large opposing mirrors.

For food, Adrienne ordered pork ribs which were a favourite from our last visit and kailin (chinese brocolli) steamed in garlic.  I had the devil's pork curry and coconut rice.  My curry was great but Adrienne did not think the ribs were as tasty as the last time (near enough her favourite food on honeymoon), but I think she was spoilt for choice on this trip!

Fed and watered, we set out in the hot and very humid day in search of Little India.  We had a very brief visit to this part of KL the last time due to a heavy rain shower and felt we should return to fully explore this colourful part of the city. Little India is everything you would expect it to be.  A never-ending hectic bustling maze of street stalls and arcades lined with a colourful array of fabrics, DVDS, electronics, food and just about anything else you to haggle over the price of.

We stashed a change of clothes in the lockers in KL Sentral train station so we headed back their tired and sweaty to get changed in the less than salubrious shower facilities available at the station.  All glammed up, it was time to hit the modern KL and experience the nightlife on the 33rd floor.  I am of course referring to the Sky Bar at Trader's Hotel.

A unique combination of a swimming pool and nightclub, there is only one reason to visit the Sky Bar - sitting back of the sofas, supping on a cocktail while admiring the breath taking views of the Petronas Towers.

Not a bad way to finish a memorable trip.