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Howth in Black and White

The last few months I have be drawn to black and white photography.  I do not know if it the bleak winter months waiting for the first splash of spring colour to erupt from the ground and transform the landscape or just another natural progression in my photographic learning curve. Colour distracts.

We live and see the world in colour everyday. Our brain has evolved to naturally process colour.  Our attention through the is drawn to warm colours over cool colours. We associate colours with our feelings with different colours having different psychological effects on the brain.  Taking this further we can look at our perceptions of the relationships between various colours leading to the concepts of complementary colours, simultaneous contrast, complementary ratios, and harmonizing colours.  A whole science of Colour Theory has developed on this subject.

Black and white reduces a photo to its bare essential visual elements with emphasis on texture, shape and form of subject and its tonal inter-relationships.  For me, black and white is mood.  With no colour, the mood is created in tones, illuminance and in particular contrasting light.

Nearly all my photos from a weekend trip to Howth in Dublin were converted to black and white. Below is a selection.

Will shoot purely in black and white from now on in?  Probably not, I enjoy my sunrises and sunsets too much!