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Hooked on Flowers

This is starting to build into a little mini-series, well two to be precise. The first is the back lit white background while the second is the opposite with a single flower against a black background.  The second series came about after a tabletop workshop at South Kildare Photography Club. I was responsible for one of the tables, showing how to set-up the shot and then guiding the members in the execution as well as any other queries they may with their camera gear. My demonstration was of course the backlit single flower with using the flash as the background.  My subject for the demo was a single white chrysanthemum.  Having taking some members through the process with the flash and also without the flash using a white background card, I had a spare 10 minutes at the end of the night to fill.  I decided to try the flower against a black background without a a flash and just using a diffuser panel to soften the light from the overhead fluorescent tubes.

I like both results from the night and hence the second part of the mini-series was born.  Both the below shots are from the night.