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Hawk Cliff, Dublin, Ireland

The Dublin coastline is home to many a nook and cranny hosting a favourite Dublin past time, open water bathing and swimming.  Hawk Cliff or Vico Baths as it is also known, is one such facility.  Overshadowed by the nearby Forty Foot, a Dublin institution that is immortalised in Joyce's Ulysses, the Vico Baths clings to the face of Hawk Cliff in amongst the  aristocats and highfalutin Dublin upper class of the 'Irish Riviera' that is Dalkey.

A network of steps have been carved into the cliff faces and adorned with rails to help the undaunted swimmers brave the cold of the Irish Sea. A small concrete shelter welcomes the swimmer back to land, providing the minimum of comfort to which the arduous swimmer can redress and return to reality of daily life.  A bare whitewashed concrete shell, yet carefully embellished with a simple religious icon; a hand painted cross, scrawled onto the decaying white wall.