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Greystones Sunrise

Not deterred from the previous week, I awoke early again to catch the sunrise. This time it was back to Greystones beach. I should have been heading to Naylor's Cove in Brey, but in my tiredness in the morning set my sat nav to Greystones instead of Bray. Only realised after I had driven all the way through Bray and out the other side.

The tide was low but this worked in my favour, exposing a set of seaweed covered rocks a little along the beach.  The beach itself is quite featureless with only some rocks at the end of the beach at the car park so the low tide offered something different. The beach is a gravel rather than sand meaning it is quite hard work trekking along the shore but on the positive means it is much easier to clean your tripod at the end of the day.  The lack of foreground interset worked in my favour in this situation.  It forced me to really work the scene, shooting different angles, wide and tight, portait and vertical.  I knew soon enough the sunrise wasn't going to be great so the pressure was off.  I could relax, experiment and have a bit of fun.

Suddenly from nowhere, the sun appeared above the horizon, but with enough intensity to shine through the dense cloud low on the horizon.  This actually caught me by surprise.  I had been shooting a long exposure tight-in amongst the rocks, so I had to wait for the exposure to finish before recomposing for the sun.

Below are a selection of the various compositions I plated around with on the morning. I finished the morning trying some beach abstracts but I will save those for another post.