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Greystones Abstracts

Abstract art: a product of the untalented sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered." Al Capp

The above quote is a slightly tongue in cheek view of the topic of this post. There is nothing more divisive when it comes to interpretation of creative work than artistic interpretation.  Where art or photography, it is easily to look at an painting or photo and comment on the technical ability or technical perfection of that image. In fact, with the improvements in the technology of modern photography you could hand over a DSLR to non-photographers in P mode and come away with a technically acceptable photo.  What may be lacking from these photos, while technically fine, is a lack of connection to the subject or  the lack of clear emotive message that the photographer is trying to express. If the viewer does not connect with the image the artist then contradicting views on the subject arise.  This is particular important in photographs of an abstract nature.

The below set of photographs follow on from my previous post at Greystones Beach which I captured when I had finished with the sunrise.  With these images I try to capture the various textures around the beach trying to juxtapose the textures against each other.