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Grand Canal, Dublin

The Grand Canal runs through the south side of Dublin almost acting as a transition from the city centre into the outer villages and into the more residential areas.  The photos from today's post are all from Ranelagh area of the canal.  The open tree lined banks of the canal often make me think of the countryside coming into the city and I wanted to play with that theme with the photos from this shoot. Key to that idea were the reflections in the canal.


The next two images focus on the infrastructure crossing the canal.  The Charlemont tram stop spans the canal and the roads on either side of the canal and you'll often see passengers walking back and forth along the platform as they wait for the Luas.  This gentleman with the hat provided a interesting silhouette.  The final photo and featured photo from this post featured a lady with her hood up to protect her against the cold last days of autumn.  The hood gives her a sense of mystery and her fashion sense give her a timeless feel which works with the black and white.