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Grand Canal Dock

The Grand Canal links the River Liffey in Dublin with the River Shannon in the west of Ireland over a distance of 82 miles. The canal commences in the Grand Canal basin which was also home to three graving docks for ship repair.  The graving docks which have been filled in and re-excavated over the years in an effort to retain their historical value as part of the Grand Canal Dock Planning scheme; an urban regeneration scheme of mixed use development.  The docks now feature modern buildings which are home to the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, the Marker Hotel as well as cafes and bars.  The area is also known as Silicon Docks, home to the Irish tech quarter and in particular, home to Google's european headquarters known locally as Google Docks. This mix of modern architecture, business and the cafe/bar is the perfect playground for the street photographer especially for one on a scavenger hunt. The task was simple. We were given a list of twenty themes by our master in the Arcanum and we had to go out and find photos which matched ten of those themes.  The photographic themes covered a wide ranges from techniques such as panning and breaking the rules through to subjects such as silhouettes and reflections.  I've posted my favourites below including a few photos which I gathered along the way which didn't meet any specific scavenger hunt themes.