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Going fishy

The Olympus 9mm F/8 Fisheye Body Cap Lens is a quirky little lens that costs next to nothing (in photography terms!) but offers a tonne of fun.  A fixed f/8 aperture, manual focus controlled with a little lever on the front of the lens, it can take a while to get used to the lens, but when you do, it offers quite a lot of creative potential.  At 114 degrees the field of view is extremely wide, which combined with the thin build of the body cap lens, resulted in the odd finger tip straying into the top of the frame until I was more familiar with the lens.  The Dublin Spire offered the first opportunity to the put the lens to the test followed by a water charges protest at the nearby GPO.  The protest shot I titled yesterdays news as an election campaign poster has been recycled for the water protest placard, the politicians face unapologetically cut in half with a piece of wood bolted to it. 


For the rest of the photowalk I returned to my normal set of lenses covering a range of focal lengths.  Once again, for this photowalk I focused on capturing a range of characters who caught my eye.  I was in luck when two ladies stopped to check out the scantily clad gentlemen advertising underwear.  Similarly, the security guard on his cigarette break offered a sense of scale to these large ornate doors for the old Irish Parliament building on College Green which now houses the Bank of Ireland.  A selection of my favourites are below.