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Glendasan Valley, Co Wicklow, Ireland

The first of my trips over the Christmas period brought me up into the Wicklow Mountains to the abandoned Glendasan Lead Mines.  Situated just off the R756 road which brings you up through the Wicklow Gap, the remains of the lead mines are easily accessible from the road.  However, the ruined remains of the mine buildings were not the reason for the trip for it was the vantage point looking down into the Glendasan Valley towards the small village of Laragh which held my interest.


Given the extensive period of poor weather leading up to and over the Christmas period, the Glendasan was full and fast flowing given some benefit to the poor period of weather.  Arriving at sunrise, the early morning mountain mist was rolling off Brockagh Mountain to the left and Carnaderry Mountain to the right.  A crisp December morning, the temperature was just high enough to prevent a frost, but clear skies kept the temperature low.  There was just enough thin wispy clouds in the high atmosphere to reflect the morning sun and give a subtle hint of colour to the scene.


Turning back around and heading back up the hill to the car, I noticed a lone tree on top of a localised ridge, frame by the hill behind and isolated by the mist.  I photographed the tree with a long telephoto, but then decided not to be lazy and started to walk up the hill to the tree. As I got nearer, I realised I was losing the composition that I liked with the long telephoto. As I got higher and more on the same level as the tree, the more the hill on the other side of the ridge came into view adding clutter and distractions to the image, so in the end I settled for the photo from the telephoto.