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Glendalough, Co Wicklow

 I have been to Glendalough so many times for walks and visits that I could not believe this is the first time that a photo of the area has made it onto my website.  Located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park,  Glendalough is a glaciated valley that includes an upper and lower lake and more famously, a monastic settlement which was founded in6th century by St Kevin and from which the monastic city eventually grew over the centuries.  The weather on the day was a combination of low cloud and blue skies. This resulted in this incredible light and sky looking back up towards the upper lake.

We were walking along the boardwalk section between the two lakes when we came across these two deer in an adjacent field. They we obviously no strangers to people as they happily stood and munched away with a stream of people passing by.  Our walk concluded in the late afternoon allowing the moon to make an early rise over the ridge of the tree lined valley.  Leaving Glendalough, we passed back up and over the Wicklow Gap. I had to stop to grab a photo of the low cloud which was still hanging around the upper parts of the hill.