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Forty Foot, Dublin, Ireland

The Forty Foot.  A rocky seawater inlet nestled in the coastline at the southern edge of Dublin Bay.  Loving adopted by the Dublin natives, the Forty Foot is probably the most popular of all the bathing areas in Dublin and is at the forefront of many a child's summer memory spent jumping from the rocks into the deep water below.  The swimmers claim the spot for the remainder of the year enduring the cold winter waters to get their morning exercise. Having set up my camera to photograph the rising sun as it breached the horizon above the affluent Sorrento Terrace, I was soon joined by swimmer after swimmer, both young and old, male and female as they arrived to bathe in icy water in the first rays of the morning sun.   Once the bastion of the male gentleman, the area is now open to all those seeking the restorative mental and physical benefits of the open water swim.