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First Breath of Autumn, Manor Kilbride, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Summer is well and truly behind us as the leaves start to turn and give the photographer the full range of autumn colours to capture.  Having shot a lot of sunsets recently I felt the need for a change and decided to head into the woods to capture some of those colours.

A favourite place for photographers is Manor Kilbride in County Wicklow which can start to become quite busy this time of year with it's fast flowing stream and wooded surrounds.

I was probably a few weeks early as lot of the trees still held there green leaves but the ground had a fair covering of orange.  Timing can be critical. Too early and you don't capture the full beauty of the colours, too late and one windy night can remove all the leaves from the trees.

The exposures in these images ranged from 10 seconds to 30 seconds to capture the movement in the water and render it silky smooth.