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The English Market, Cork, Ireland

Barcelona has the Mercat De La Boqueria, Stockholm  the Östermalms Saluhall, London has Borough Market amongst several, Bangkok its wet markets, Cork has its English Market.  Food Markets, Stock Markets, Flee Markets, Black Markets, Labour Markets, Supermarkets,  Currency Markets, Arms Markets the exchange of goods though barter of goods, services and currency has it beginnings with the dawn of civilisation itself.

The market place of the modern world is now the internet, the internet having surpassed the supermarket domination of the 80s and 90s, yet the traditional institutions of the physical market place remain strong with the resurgence of the 'farmers markets' in many towns and villages across Ireland in the last decade. The cream of the Irish Markets are St George’s Market in Belfast, the Milk Market in Limerick and the English Market in Cork.


The English Market is an indoor covered market dating back to the 18th Century, but even in these modern times is still the heart of Cork City.  Providing a home to a variety of traders from the long established family businesses to new smaller enterprises the market is centred around fresh market produce of fish, meat, cheese and vegetables supported by the smaller venders selling spices, sauces, oils, wines and most accompaniments a person could want. On the periphery and outer lanes of the market, a small selection of clothing, arts and nicknacks add to the diversity of the market.  However, the life and soul of the market is the traditional local food produce including crubeen, spiced beef, tripe and drisheen. Upstairs from the market is the Farmgate Cafe which specialises in classic cork dishes using produce from the market below to create a small daily menu.