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Emo Lake, Co Laios.

 Emo Lake is a small lake located in the gardens of the 18th century grand house, Emo House, found in near the village of the same name Co Laios.  The Office of Public Works has constructed a walkway around the lake in the last few years allowing access to various banks of the man made lake.  The photos from today's post were both taken from the bank in front of the house back in early November.  It was a beautiful winter's day, the low winter sun allowing a little latitude shooting in the midday sun.  The lake is surrounded by banks of tall reeds and these reeds were picking up sight variations in the light creating depth and layers in the photo.

I was delighted to come across this heron and worked the angles to try and get a clean shot with the bird positioned in between the tall reads.  There was movement in the lake with the rising temperatures but I was lucky that the section the heron had parked itself with still enough to pick up part of its reflection.