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Dublin Streets

Having settled into the Arcanum, I am now regularly hitting the streets of Dublin to practice my street photography and collect images for the various tasks and critiques that are required as part of the curriculum. This set of photos generally focuses on the characters of Dublin and their environs.  The first two images rely heavily on their background as a stage with the positioning of the character important to relate to the background, especially for the 'love' image below.


I surprised just how long I had to wait for a couple to walk by with some sort of romantic gesture. All I wanted were a bunch of flowers, hand holding or even just a look. I was about to give up when this young couple walked by as part of a larger group.  They were holding hands which is pretty much obscured in the photo, but she was the perfect height for the love heart combined with the expression, made her an ideal subject.

I mainly shoot my street portraits candid without the prior knowledge of the subject but occasionally I stop and ask for a portrait as was the case with the doormen below.  They were happy to oblige commenting that it was a hazard of the job and they were the most photographed men in Dublin.


I generally prefer candid photography as I like those instant moments of an expressive gesture or emotion that a person can unknowingly give which I could never recreate with a posed photograph.  The remainder of the photographs below are candid and are shot in and around St Stephen's Green on the south side of Dublin. In some cases it was gesture that attracted my attention and others was just a wider appreciation of the character in their setting.