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Dublin in Black and White

NatWest, NatWest-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds Blackhorse apocalypse
Death sanitised through credit"  Manic Street Preachers

It is now two decades since James Dean Bradfield was venting the Manics diatribe on high-street banks and credit policies with the song seeming more relevant than ever in these modern times.  At first glance, the bank that features in the blog post is not one the aforementioned high street banks but in todays modern post-credit crunch society where banks are subsidiaries of banks which are more than likely in some shape or form owned or part-owned by governments and tax payers alike, Ulster Bank is in fact a subsidiary of  the National Westminster Bank (or Natwest for short) which is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group which was bailed out by the UK government.

The building, located on Georges Quay, Dublin is the headquarters of Ulster Bank Ireland but not of Ulster Bank Ltd which is in Belfast. Confused yet?

I was attracted to the strong shapes of the building which give the appearance of a triangle against the softer but equally dramatic clouds in the background. I also like how the line of the left hand edge of the cloud mirrors the diagonal edge of the building and is almost an extension of the line of the building.  It was one of those days in Dublin where we had four seasons in one and this was shortly after a heavy down pour.  I played around for a while with a colour version of this image which i gave an overall bluish tone, but in the end I settled for a high contrast black and white photo.