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Dublin Airport

We normally start photographing when we get to foreign destinations, but sometimes those wasted hours in airports on the way to or on the way back from those destinations can also provide opportunities to the observant.  Dublin Airport Terminal 2 is imposing modern structure full of form, lines and curves.  This first photo is the shadow of the pedestrian walkway linking the car park with the terminal building. I liked the repeating sharp patterns of the rectangular wall cladding against the softer curves of the shadow of the walkway. The person walking through adds a focal point and sense of scale.

Inside the terminal building one of the main architectural features are the full height cobalt blue glass lift shafts.  Taken up on the first floor these shaft catch the reflection of the pedestrian walkway and adjacent car park building through the glass fronted terminal.  It was the case of waiting it out until the right person came along.  I was luckily that he chose the perfect spot against the lighter background and then gave me a strong distinct gesture with his hands on the hips.


The terminal building spans the main access road into the airport the road passing underneath the building.  The arrivals area has window allowing a birds eye view to the road below.  I converted the photo below to black and white to allow the lines to stand out in the photo and once again waited for a person to walk into the frame.


The last photo is taken from the second floor departures looking down on the first floor cafe and ground floor.  In this photo I liked the contrast of the warm reds and yellowy browns against the cold blues of the ground floor.  I also like the isolation of the two lone subjects in the cafe both facing out of the frame with the empty seats between them complemented by the third lone person on the ground floor completing the triangle.