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In a rush with no time to slow down, this cyclists dismounted while still on the move and didn't break step as he picked up his bike and continued to run.  On the same corner, this second cyclist continued at a more gentler pace as I dragged the shutter and panned to capture the motion blur. The result of the second photo is more abstract and with the isolated strong colour I decided to keep it as a colour photograph rather than converting to black and white.


All the photos from this post were captured on the south side of the Dublin between Westland Row and Pearce Street heading down towards Grand Canal Dock.  This has quickly became one of my favourite areas of the city to photograph. On the boundary of the City Centre, Trinity College, inner city housing and an urban regeneration area, the area provides a interesting mix of subjects and different paces of life, between residential, smaller main street commercial activities in addition to larger corporates such as Google.  This will be the start of a new series of photographs focusing solely on Westland Row and Lincoln Place.