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Desolate - Ballynafagh Church, Co Kildare, Ireland

The weather recently combined with early sunset and late sunset times really has seemed to be curbed my photographic activities.  However, on Saturday, despite less than perfect conditions, I decided to head out on a scouting mission to check out a new location which I had recently heard about.

With heavy overcast conditions, I decided not to wait for sunset but to head out in the early evening.  With all the cloud around, I knew in my head what type of shot I was looking before I left the house - a long exposure.  As well as scouting, this trip would give me some practice with my 10 stop ND filter.

Previous shots with my filter left slightly confused as I found I was constantly under exposing my shots.  I held a little experiment in the house using constant light conditions and shooting at various exposures. I found that the ND filter was probably closer to 11 stops than the advertised 10.  With this in mind, I exposesd for 11 shots st the church and was a lot happier with the results.

The above exposure is only 30 seconds, but I like the feel of the sky.  Enough blur to give the sense of movement but not too much to blur it out completely.  The cloud was pretty thick and constant although there was just enough light to shine through some of the thinner layers and provide some contrast.

The church itself is lying in ruin and although the grounds are looked after, time and nature are slowly reclaiming the building back to nature.