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Derryclare Lough, Connemara, Ireland

We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend" Robert Louis Stevenson

So much of my photography in Ireland is situated in the east, but I love the west for its rugged barren wilderness of mountains and loughs that remind me very much of parts of my homeland.  I decided earlier this year I needed to expand my photography horizons a little further than my standard 1 hour radius from County Kildare and take more dedicated photography trips to the north, south and west.  First on my hit list was Derryclare Lough.  The stand of trees isolated on a small island near the shore must be some of the most famous trees in Ireland and have been photographed many times.  The scene is complete with the Twelve Bens mountain range as a backdrop. All this visible from the passing from the N59 which is the main road into the heart of Connemara from Galway up to Clifden on the coast.

I arrived at the location knowing I would be shooting long exposures, but also hoping for some great colour from the sun setting in the west.  The long exposure for the feature photo really helped to define the reflection of the trees in the water. In my test exposures without the ND filter, there is a hint of an reflection but it is mostly lost in the choppy water -  the Lough is exposed to the elements, the was a wind blowing and the water was far from mirror smooth.  The last image of the three is without the ND filter but in the last light of the twilight skies.  I played around with my aperture settings and ISO to adjust the length the exposures. This allowed me to capture some of the movement of the reeds blowing in the wind without loosing the reeds to a complete blur.

Three hours driving to get to the destination with a further three hours back all for an hours photography.  Worth it? Yes.