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Dawn of the New Year

I welcomed the first dawn of the New Year on Whiterocks Beach at Killiney, Dublin on what is becoming a new tradition for me.  Last year, my landscape work was limited as I focused on street photography. Less weather dependent and not requiring early rises, but part of me will always yearn to stand in the Irish landscape and watch the rising sun illuminate the land.

The rain clouds and high winds circled menacingly around Dublin but kept just enough away to allow the briefest glimpse of the sun as it approached the horizon.  I was rewarded for arriving early before the dawn as the pre-dawn had the best colour in the sky before disappearing as the sun rose.

However, not was all lost as the low contrast overcast conditions provided ideal conditions for long exposure photographing rendering the seascape monochromatic and taming the wind swept sea into a soft fog.  I switched to a higher angle to pick out the steps molded into the rock of the swimming platform and capture the waves breaking over the flat top of the rock.

Whiterocks Sunrise
Whiterocks Sunrise