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The Cunnigar, Co Waterford

An Coinigéar (The Cunnigar) is a spit of sand which formed across the mouth of Dungarvan Bay in Co Waterford. The spit is located in a tiny area of Co Waterford called An Rinn which is part of Gaeltacht where Irish is the primary language. Conditions were far from perfect with the tide not high enough to provide a covering of water and the sunrise never really materializing, but I carried on regardless.  This was my first landscape outing in a few months having been focusing on street photography and it was reinvigorating being outside alone in the fresh breeze and quiet of the pre-dawn beach.  Despite the conditions, I worked to get the best shot I could not knowing when I would get the chance to visit the south coast again.  I opted for some moody minimalist pre-dawn shots utilising a small pool of water in around the ruined pier, working with their reflections in the twilight blue.