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Coombe Photowalk, Dublin.

Shooting street art is bit like gathering low hanging fruit.  It can be sweet and tasty but leave you filling unsatisfied and dishonourable.  There can be no argument that you are utilising the artists talents to your own benefits but it still fun to interact the art with people.  The art work below is modern, brash, bright and funky, so the elderly lady with her conservative mute plain colours and more traditional fashion was a perfect contrast.


The placement of the subject in the lighthouse picture was key and would only work with the girl placed in between the beams of light.  Her purple top was a nice complementary colour to all the yellow in the art work.

Staying with colour, the yellow shutters provided a clean background to play against the red and blue of the clothes.

The last shot of today's post was all about the gesture.  The crazy hair, denim fashions and an a curious expression give a comical feel to the photo.  This series was taken on a short photowalk from the Coombe Hospital up to St James and back after being kicked out the maternity hospital when visiting hours closed for lunch.  Have to make the most of any possible photo opportunity nowadays!