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Dún Uí Choileáin (Collins Barracks), Dublin


Home to garrisons of British Army since the early 1700s and more recently the armies of the Irish Free State, Collins Barracks has witnessed much of Irish modern history and fittingly today houses the National Museum of Ireland Decorative Arts & History including exhibitions dedicated to military history with particular emphasis on Irish military history.

The trip to Collins Barracks was organised by South Kildare Photography Club. I was slightly hesitant as I was unsure of what we would be photographing but it turned out to be a good day.  The trip provided the chance to capture the neo-classical architecture of the Barracks which has lots of interesting details. We spent around an hour walking around the exterior of the museum before heading for a well earned coffee. The rest of the time was spent exploring the museum with very little focus on photography and just enjoying the exhibitions.  My favourite shot is off the window and bannister - I love the way the light is falling on the wall exposing the texture.

The very last shot is a close-up of a large format film camera which a friend recently purchased and brought along to the barracks.  The camera is hand made and you can tell it was not manufactured but sculpted with the utmost love and attention.  You generally do not see that level of craftsmanship in modern goods.