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Causeway Coast, Day 3

"The proud, the cold, untroubled heart of stone, that never mused on sorrow but its own"

Thomas Campbell

The final click of the shutter, the last photon of light gathered, shaped and focused on the sensor.  The last click and my favourite photo from the whole trip.   I took a while to get the right angle on the pair on rocks. My first attempt was from the rocky beach. Next I tried from the left side of the narrow cove before eventually getting the shot on the right side of the cove. From the beach, I managed to capture the shot below.  The outfall into the cove proving a nice leading line out to the stack at the mouth of the cove.


The morning had started back at Ballintoy Harbour, another one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones.  The harbour was used for Pyke, part of the Iron Islands and featured in the scenes where Theon Greyjoy arrives back to the island.  I had practiced the composition the day before, so when we arrived at the harbour it was a case of setting back up in the same location and waiting.  Our hopes were not high, but we were rewarded with a few minutes of magic light which was there and gone in a flash.  It lasted enough for two long exposures and then that was it was back to normal grey overcast skies.  The mouth of the harbour channeled the light into a perfect rectangle with a mooring rope leading the eye from the corner of the photo out to the light.

The final photo does not have the magic light, but I liked the circular shape of this tiny inlet and the patterns from the striations of rock.  The photo was taken in Ballintoy to the east of the harbour.


The workshop captured all the landscapes and seascapes of County Antrim, Northern Ireland which were on my hit list.  I would love to go back to some of these location again, but who knows when.  There is still so much of the Irish landscape that I have to visit.  My next target is Co. Donegal in the north west of Ireland.