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Causeway Coast, Day 1

Legends, myths and HBO TV series, the northern coastline of the island of Ireland and in particular Co. Antrim in Northern Island has seen it all.  Where once the giants of Finn McCool and his rival Scottish giant named Benandonner postured and hurled rocks, is now part-home to Game of Thrones, the blockbusting TV adaptation of George R.R Martin's series of fantasy novels of A Song of Fire and Ice.

The fictional lands of Westeros and Essos is recreated in studio in Belfast as well as on location in Northern Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Iceland and Scotland among many.  The Dark Hedges is a magical stretch of country road in Co Antrim lined by beech trees planted in 18th century. As these ancient tress have entwined over the decades, there twisted branches have formed a haunting  canopy over the narrow twisting road below. It is no surprise that tourists flock to this isolated country road in their droves to gaze at this semi-natural wonder and with a look of something you would find in a fairy tale novel it is no wonder that the Dark Hedges has ended up in Game of Throne as a set for the Kings Road.


The medieval Dunluce Castle is perched on a sheer basalt cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to the island of Islay in Scotland. Separated from the mainland and only accessible via a small bridge, the castle is said to be the inspiration in Game of Thrones for Pyke, the CGI created stronghold and seat of Greyjoy, situated on the island of the same name and one the seven islands that make up the Iron Islands.

Lying in the depths of the cliffs beneath Dunluce, the Mermaid's cave is vast cavern which is accessible by land and sea.  The photo below does not do justice to the scale of the cave which is over 30ft high and 20ft wide. The sunlight pouring in through the vast entrance gave the shape of a keyhole, yet struggled to penetrate far into the cave.


The photos from this post were all taken on location on Rohan Reilly's Causeway Coast workshop.  I have been desperate to photograph the Antrim Coast for the last few years so when I saw that Rohan was running a workshop in Antrim and  having participated in a similar workshop run by Rohan last year down on the Ring of Kerry, I knew I had to book a place.  Rohan puts much time and effort in his workshops to ensure as much as possible, that you arrive at the best locations with the best possible conditions be it time of day, tidal conditions and many other considerations to give you the best chance for you to come away with great photos.  These photos were all taken on the opening day of the workshop and I'll share more in forthcoming posts.