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Cascais, Portugal: Travelogue Pt 3

This is the final part of this travelogue from Cascais before we head up the coast to Lisbon.  For Part 3, we have a look at Cascais at either end of the day taking us to sunrise and into the twilight hour at dusk as well as some infrared photography.   While generally the sun set without a cloud in the sky, my early for sunrise had quite an extensive cloud cover yet the sun managed to sneak through the clouds to give some colour and drama to the morning.

At the other end of the day, our hotel looked onto the Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães and on my return from my visit to the Boca do Inferno I shot this twilight view of the spire of the grand house from the car park of the hotel.  The spire illuminated in lights glowing through the tree against the twilight blue sky.


The bright blue skies are perfect for infrared photography with an abundance of light means for faster exposures with the infrared darkening the skies and sea allowing the white clouds to stand out against it. I played with a slightly longer exposure to get some ghosting of the people on the beach conveying their motion and adding to ethereal feel of the infrared.  For the lighthouse shot, a wispy cloud positioned itself directly above the lighthouse adding the contrast and visual interest to the otherwise blank sky.

That concludes this first section of the travelogue from Cascais and now we move up the coast into a different pace of life in the city of Lisbon.