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Boca do Inferno, Cascais, Portugal: Travelogue Pt 2

A short walk up the coastline from our hotel lay the Boca Do Inferno which literally translates as Hells Mouth in English.  The Atlantic Ocean has patiently carved out a soft layer of rock from the cliff face resulting in a cave which over time collapsed to leave an arched inlet to a small rocky cove.  There is a walkway with two viewing platforms to allow you to see both the arch in the cliff and the cove on the other side.  The geological feature is not worth a huge effort to visit but being only ten minutes from the hotel along a pleasant coastal walk, it was perfectly placed to allow a short dedicated photo trip for sunset while my wife looked after the baby.  We would return a little later in the trip for a fantastic lunch at the restaurant at the site, Mar do Inferno which I mentioned in Part 1 of this travelogue. My wife is very active on Instagram and you can the see her photo of our seafood platter here.