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Carton House Model Shoot, Co Kildare, Ireland

A short post for today from a recent lighting workshop at Carton House Hotel, Co Kildare.  The workshop was organised by a member of South Kildare Photography Club as a introductory course to flash photography.  The course included a lecture in the morning followed by the model shoot in the afternoon.  The top photo is an example of using fill flash to fill in the shadows of a back lit subject, the backlit providing the signature glow around the hair line with specular bokeh highlights in the  background created using a wide open aperture.  The second photo was an exercise in balancing natural light coming in through a window with a little fill flash to lighten the shadows on the left side of her face.  The shoot finished just in time for sunset which provided some great light to shoot the grounds of Carton House.  Those shots will be in the next post.