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Bluebells and Wild Garlic, Killinthomas Wood

Men do change, and change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass." John Steinbeck

This is my second bluebell post of the year having been slightly early a few weeks ago to get the best of the bluebells in Moore Abbey in Monasterevin.  We are lucky in Co Kildare that we have a number of woods which are are carpeted in bluebells every year.  Killinthomas Woods is another of the woods which is located near Rathangan in Co Kildare, Ireland.

The wood features a number of walks including a certain Bluebell Way given clues to what to expect.  Heading out the hazel walk, there was early indications of what was to come as patches of the bluebells lined the walk, but the forest saved the best for halfway round where the route joined bluebell way. A carpet of bluebells interdispersed with the white flowers of wild garlic.  The panaroma at the start of the blog post was shot at this location.  I continued further around the walk until I came across a second expanse of bluebells.  I shot another panorama this time, but this time I shot the panorama in two rows to get additional height and to capture all the trees as well as the bluebells.

A little bit further I came across a ditch.   Not normally that photographic, but I liked the fallen tree with the ivy and the banches a little further on. It reminded me of a path which the way through had been blocked.


The hazel walk brings you around in a circle and we ended back at the car park where there was a field of goats which were feeding on the fresh tips of the lower branches of a small trees.  Goats have strange eyes with rectangular pupils  as opposed to the circular pupils humans are more familiar with. I found these eyes slightly freaky so I had to capture a close-up.