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Blessington Lakes Sunrise

Blessington Lakes is becoming a regular photography spot for me.   As seems to be the normal at the moment, the sky had a light scattering of cloud as I left my house and I was full of I was full of hope of the chance of grabbing some decent shots this morning.  However, as I reached the lakes I could see the clouds rolling in from the south east with a thick low blanket of cloud in the Wicklow Mountains in the background.

I arrived in good time, having scouted out a potential new location.  However, I ended up having to abandon my first location as I hit a dead end down a county lane and couldn't reach the shore of the lake.  By the time I reversed out and arrived at my back-up location, the first rays of the sun, still below the horizon, were starting to reflect on the clouds in the sky.

The shot above is my first frame of day, but sadly the colour in the sky disappeared almost immediately as the clouds rolled in.  I stuck it out for the hour hoping to get the smallest break in the clouds which would allow some rays to flow through but sadly was not to be.

Still I am pretty happy with my first frame.  This is why you get out your bed at 6:15 on a Saturday morning.