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Birds of Prey

South Kildare Camera Club hosted a private bird of prey display which allowed an unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic raptors.   A red-tailed hawk, harris hawk, a barn owl and a lanner falcon were the main birds on show of which the harris hawk was the bird which was flown.  At a first attempt at photographing birds in flight, I was spectacularly rubbish despite the strong auto focus performance of the Olympus OMD EM-1.

With the flying over, I concentrated on getting some clean portraits of the remaining birds.  The classic profile of the red-tailed hawk at the top of the page sitting on the glove of the falconer where as the lanner falcon jumped down into the grass to enjoy his feed necessitating me to get down and dirty on my stomach to get to eye level with the bird.  The barn owl has been a personal favourite of mine since I was a child from the odd flash of white I would see driving down the A7.  The ghost owl, demon owl, death owl, the owl of many names is instantly recognisable through the pale heart shaped face with those deep dead black eyes.

As well as the bird portraits, I tried to focus on details, looking to capture the talons, the glove and the jessies.