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Ballynafagh Sunset, Co Kildare

All images © Greig Houghton 2012

Having only discovered Ballynafagh Church a few months ago and with it so close on my doorstep, I knew it would be difficult not to shoot there when I get some spare time.  Saturday night proved to be one of those times with the weather looking decent for the setting sun.

Having visited the church previously, I had developed an image in my head of what I wanted before heading out.  I was looking for a wider angle of the church this time with it much more in the background of the image.  With the sun roughly behind the church I knew it would be a silhouette type shot.  I was also hoping for, given the time of the year, some hay bales in the fields but when I arrived they had been removed.  Looking at the final image I am not sure if the bales would of have worked anyway.  I will be definitely be back next year to get a similar shot but with the crop harvest at its prime and at it's full height.

The panoramic image at the top of the page is 7 images stitched together in PT Gui. I actually bracketed the 7 images by 2 stops but ended up using only a single exposure for each image in the panorama.

The photo below is from earlier in the night and is a 3 bracket exposure blended in Photomatix.  With the sun still above the horizon, I need all three exposures in for this photo to capture the full dynamic range.  In processing, I still wanted the silhouette effect on the church as I felt it was strong enough graphically so I deliberately kept the foreground dark.  I was convinced the dark cloud was a by-process of the blending but when I checked back to the original exposure I discovered there was no colour shift and it was in fact a black cloud.  I wished the clouds had hung around for longer but sadly they were nearly all gone by the time the sun finally dipped below the horizon.