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Military Graveyard, The Curragh, Co.Kildare, Ireland

Saturday evening provided a sunset with little colour due to the general lack of clouds in the area but did provide a wonderful rich warm glow to the evening.  I decided to head out to the old British military graveyard from their time of the presence in Ireland dating from the mid 1800's to 1920's.  The graveyard is located in the Curragh, Co Kildare, Ireland, a large flat stretch of common land which includes the Curragh Camp army base and a racecourse.

Shooting directly into the low setting sun provided some wonderful shadows acting as lead-in lines from the rows of gravestones and I positioned the sun behind the cross to provided a silhouette of the stone and help block some of the directly light which may cause excessive flare.  The nearest cross provided some foreground interest is is bathed in the warm light.

The feature shot is a bracketed exposure (-2ev, 0ev, +2ev) which I processed in Photomatix and Lightroom to get the final image.  When blending images I will either manually blend them using luminosity masks in Photoshop or use Photomatix in Fusion mode. If I do use tonemapping in Photomatix, such as the aove image, I try to use a very light touch to keep the photos looking natural.

I have posted a few other photos from the evening below.  They are mostly a variation of the feature image but with slightly different compositions.  The last image is the entrance to the cementary which a rememberence reef has been laid.